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Operating hours

Opening times are seasonal and limited please observe them carefully. No bookings necessary. Due to the uniqueness of the tour which allows handling of most animals it is necessary to have these short times as the point is for the animals to enjoy this time and participate willingly which they would not if we were open all day, every day. So please check carefully to avoid disappointment. The tours are not structural, so every tour is different.

You can arrive anytime between 12pm and the start of the last tour. You simply ‘jump on board’ and continue the tour until you have done everything.

Out of SA School Holidays
Open Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sun at 12pm with last tour at 1pm.

SA School Holidays
Open daily at 12pm with the last tour at 2pm.
26 December to 10 January & Easter Fri, Sat, Sun: Last tour 3pm.

Closed: 17, 23, 24 & 25 December and 25 October.

Private tours are inclusive of koala holding and are available out of opening hours, subject to availability- bookings essential. Base rate $200 for up to 10 people (adults and children). $20 per aditional person (adult or child). Any groups with more than 15 people please contact us prior.

Admission fees

Adults:                                         $15
Children (2+ years old):               $10

Koala holding $3 additional per person *.
Younger children will be charged if they participate in the tour (holding animals, pony ride etc) Family passes are not available as there is no extra charge for any activities.

Admission includes everything except koala holding.
Including snake, animal holding, shearing demonstration, pony rides etc as well as all animal food supplied.

Admission enables care for many orphaned, injured and unwanted animals.
* Koala holding or any other part of tour may occasionally not be available due to animal welfare reasons at operator discretion.

Duration and tour experience

Duration of the tour:                    1,5 – 3 hours.

Paul’s Place-tours are not structured. Duration depends on the amount of people, interests of people and moods of the animals on that day. There are also often ‘extra sections’ such as a nesting emu or baby animals for example.

If you need to plan around a more specific time please contact us with the date you are intending to take a tour and we can usually advise a more accurate duration time.

Please note: when you visit Paul’s Place, you are not visiting a conventional 200 or wildlife park environment. You are basically welcomed into our home and that of the animals. Paul’s Place is not run as a ‘big business’, but a place which allows for special encounters between visitors and animals to continue to care for them.

Most days Paul’s Place tours are conducted for very few people, often the groupsize is small.
There are a few days of the year, when visitor numbers exceed what we can take on tour. This is rare but occasionally there may be a longer wait or we ask people to return and then hold a tour later than usual for people and animal enjoyment. This only occurs about 4 or 5 days a year but is possible. We do our best on any given day to give you a personalized experience.

Getting here

Paul’s Place is located on the North Coast of the Island, 4km inland from Stokes Bay and approximately a 15 minute drive from Parndana.

Park visit tips

  • Wear comfortable clothing so you can have the optimal experience of holding all our animals.
  • Do not pick up animals without permission. We would like to give you a hand to ensure the wellbeing of the animals.
  • Do not bring animal food, all animal food is supplied.
  • Please be prepared to follow guides instructions doing visit. Being amongst animals is enjoyable but should be a safe and comfortable experience for both, visitors and animals.
  • Bring your camera for all the great photo opportunities and have fun!
  • Meet our Animals at our tour - Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo IslandMeet and feed our farmanimals at our tour - Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo Island

    Touch a real emu egg at our tour - Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo IslandA baby emu at our tour - Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo IslandHave fun at sheepshearing at our tour - Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo IslandHold-a-koala

    Upclose with our deer at our tour - Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo Island

  • Get an impression

    One of our visitors, Sébastien Plourde, made this beautiful video of their experience of the tour at Paul's Place and their trip to Kangaroo Island. Thank you so much, Sébastien!